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Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection


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  • Support multiple protocols: ZigBee 3.0+BLE+Sigmesh

  • Intellgent linkage, Max connect with around 128 devices

  • Smart Life APP remote control

  • Control all the device remotely from anywhere, anytime

  • Voice Control by Amazon Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT   

  • RJ45 interface, DC5V/1A

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection: ZudSec ZigBee gateway is the heart of smart home that enables you to remotely manage a variety of ZigBee/BLE/sig mesh devices and sensors for monitoring and control purposes of home, and allows you to create smart scenes to make Wi-Fi and ZigBee smart devices communicate to access a smarter home and control them all using the Smart Life APP.  It maximizes efficiency for up to 128 connected sub-devices which are ZigBee-based security sensors, motion sensor, wireless door/window sensor, switches, and  temperature and humidity sensor etc,can be connected with the Gateway to give you the possibility to create various scene linkages.  It supports to add a camera for smart real-time view, convenient to view your home on any one of them. Can also command Alexa or Google Home to voice control your home.

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图1)Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图2)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图3)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图4)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图5)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图6)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图7)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图8)

Zigbee Smart Wired Gateway -RJ45 Connection(图9)

- Compatible with Alexa and Google home for free voice control

- Control a wide range of ZigBee/Bluetooth device.

- Support three major communication protocols: ZigBee/ Bluetooth/ Bluetooth Mesh

- Intellighent lnkage of home equipment realize voice, remote and automatic control

  • Multi-Mode Gateway(zigbee&BLE&sig mesh)

  • Max connect with around 128 devices

  • Power input: 5V,1A

  • RJ45 interface

  • Working power supply: <1A

  • Operating temperature: -10℃-55℃

  • Working humidity: 10%-90% RH (non-condensation)

  • Wireless Technology: 2.4G WIFI &Zigbee & BLE5.0& Mesh

  • Dimension: 92*92*25.5mm

  • Net Weight: 130g

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box