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Wired Emergency Button: ZDEB-113
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Wired Emergency Button


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  • Output: N.O. & N.C. terminals

  • Housing: ABS
  • Voltage:12VDC

  • Connect with Alarm panel

  • For emergency when the emergency thing happened

Wired Emergency Button/Panic Button: When emergency thing happened, such as intruder doing violence, user's pathological changes, earthquake etc, press the panic button to give a alarm help. Whatever the alarm host is activate or not, the panic button immediately gives off emergency help signal. 

It is usually to put aside sitting room or living room where can be touched easily. For the industries such as bank, post office, store and so on, it can be snugly stick on the hand or leg where is easy to touch. It has a small hole at the back side and can be hang by small rope like a necklace

Be used to alarm for emergency when the emergency thing happened
Output: N.O. & N.C. terminals 

Below is Demonstration of product function:

Wired Emergency Button/Pedal Switch(图1)

  • Housing: ABS
  • Voltage:12VDC; Carrying Current:0.3A

  • Output: N.O. & N.C. terminals 

  • Size: 60*60*19mm;

  • Package: Outer packing: 800PCS / carton:  Weight: 15 Kgs

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box