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Wifi Smart Gas Alarm: ZDD-001G-WF
Multi-Angle View

Wifi Smart Combustible Gas Alarm


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  • Industrial-grade sensor that detects micro-millimeters

  • Detected gas: Hatural gas (CH4)

  • Voice broadcast function

  • App control push notification

  • Linkage manipulator & exhaust fans 

  • Manipulator turns off gas automatically once alarm

  • Support all Smart Life product Linkage control

WiFi Smart Combustible Gas Alarm is widely used to detect natural gas(CH4) , equiped with built-in semiconductor gas sensor has a long lifespan and tiny sensitivity drift, when the natural gas is detected and exceeds the alarm concentration, the alarm will send out sound and light alarm signal immedately, at the same time, the valve manipulator turns off the gas valve automatically, the real-time alarm will also be sent to users' APP. The gas alarm sensor is suitable for indoor use and should be installed at places where natural gas leakage may happen.

-Optional: when gas leakage, it can connect below Value manipulator to turns off gas valve automatically.

- Caring for elderly , protecting your home when the elderly parents forget to close the gas valve, the gas sensor will alarm.

- Linked exhaust fans to minimize risk

- Remote self-test function

- Linkage manipulator: when the device detects a gas leak, it immdiately interlocks the manipulator to automatically close the gas valve, so user no longer has to worry about gas leakage

- Voice broadcast function: tell users how to escape when a gas leak.

- Rmote alarm: Alarm app push notification informs user the danger at home in the first time.

- Industrial-grade sensor that detects micro-millimeters: Adopting world-class semiconductor manufacturers' chips and using chip-level encyption algorithm, financial level security protection

-Product Layout and installation:

Wifi smart Combustible Gas Alarm(图1)

  • Detected gas: Natural gas (CH4)

  • Alarm sensitivity: 6%LEL(±3%LEL)

  • Working voltage AC100V~240V

  • Average power consumption: ≤3W

  • Warm-up time: About 3 minutes

  • Alarm: Red LED flashes + voice prompt

  • Fault: Yollow LED flashes + voice prompt

  • Sound level: >=75dB(1m away)

  • Alarm mode:  Acousto-optic alarm

  • Auxiliary output: Valve manipulator output

  • Valve manipulator jack output: 11-13V, 500mA

  •  Network: WiFi-2 4GHz

  • Packing Size:  9.7*9.7*8.6CM,  Weight: 0.2KG.

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box