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Tamper Switch: ZDTS-002
Tamper Switch: ZDTS-001

Tamper Switch


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  • White plunger type tamper switch

  • With 2 Screw Terminals

  • Output: NC (press on)

  • Made by reed switch for reliable

  • High-impact white plastic case.

Tamper Switch / Electric Switch / Reed Switch: White plunger type tamper switch with 2 Screw Terminals(or with 2 wires: ZDTS-001)  for panel, siren and bell boxes. The ZUDSEC ZDTS-002 is a very reliable tamper switch that guards against the handling of internal controls and ensures complete security protection. The ZDTS-002 is ideal for securing bell boxes and security control panels. 

It's widely used for all kinds of tamper switch equipment. Connect drawers, jewelry boxes, or any other valuable containers to your hardwired alarm system. The Normally Open Tamper Switch can be used with any security system with normally closed circuits, and its small size makes it easy to hide and install. Security wiring is sold separately to connect the tamper switch to your alarm system. A silver-plated contact ensures reliability and long-term operation. This tamper switch is for use with alarm systems with normally closed circuits. For alarm systems with normally open circuits, use the Normally Closed Tamper Switch.

- Tamper Switch,Electric Switch,Reed Switch
- Output: NC (press on)
- Made by reed switch for reliable
- High-impact white plastic case.

  • Operating voltage/Current:: 250VDC/5A

  • House Material: ABS white

  • Output: NC (press on)

  • Contact: Stainless steel

  • Mount: Screw mount

  • Product Size: 70L*28W16H mm

  • Packing Size:  19*14.5*2CM (pack of 10),  Weight: 0.2KG.

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box