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Video Balun: ZDVB-HD1011
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Passive HD Video Balun with Combined Randomly Structure


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  • Effective transfer HD signal and Analog signal

  • Combined type, multi-group splicing,

  • Quick installation, improve engineering efficiency.

  • Surge protection, anti-interference, filter noise reduction.

  • Interference device, Surge protect UTP video balun

1CH Passive Interlocking HD Passive Video Balun:   The combined HD video balun, can be combined randomly, 4CH, 8CH , 16CH,32CH,48CH, even more choosing what you like. HD Coaxial twisted pair transmitter new solution, push pin interface, easy and convenient installation and improve engineering efficiency, more convenient for construction workers to operate, reduces the cost of human and material. With anti-surge protection, anti-jamming, noise filtering function is your best choice for the ideal product.  

- Full motion CCTV video at long distance(Max .300ft/600M)


- For  HD-AHD: 720P/600M, 1080P/450M, 3MP/ 5MP/8MP: 300M

- For  HD-CVI: 720P/550M, 1080P/400M, 3MP/ 4MP/5MP: 300M

- For  HD-TVI: 720P/550M, 1080P/400M, 3MP/ 4MP/5MP: 300M

- For  CVBS:600M

  Compatble With  All Baseband Signals, including PAL, NTSC,  SECAM
  CMRR (Common Mode   Rejection Ratio): 60dB
  Storage   temperature:   20-70
  MTBF >50,000h
  Humidity(non-condensing)  095%
  Storage   temperature:   -40-150
  Video Connector  BNC-M; Impedance 75 ohms
  UTP Cable Connector  Screwless Terminal block:  Impedance 50 ohms
  Material  ABS Engineering Plastic
  NCT Wight:  23g
  External dimension:  46mm*16mm*21mm (Without Cable and BNC)
Wire Type:
    Unshielded Cat-5 or above twisted pair wire (Please use standard Cat-5   or above twisted pair  wire. The wire   quality will directly affect the transmitted image effect and transmission   distance.)
  Characteristic   impedance:   100Ω±20Ω
  DC loop resistance:   18Ω/100m
  Differential   capacitance:   62pf/m (Maximum)
  Recommend   standard CAT-5/6 or above unshielded twisted pair wire. The Wire quality Will   affect the transmission distance and video quality

             Passive HD Video Balun with Combined Randomly Structure(图1)

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box