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ZL-Type Magnetic Bracket
Z-Type Magnetic Bracket
L-Type Magnetic Bracket
U-Type Magnetic Bracket
I-Type Magnetic Bracket

Magnetic Lock Bracket


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  • High Strength Aluminum

  • Firm and Durable.

  • Easier installation on a variety of Access control.

  • Special Design, Suitable with all kinds of Doors.

  • Best choice for Access Control

Magnetic Lock Bracket: ZL /Z /L /U-type Bracket for Magnetic Lock, suitable for 180Kgs(300Lbs) / 280kgs(600Lbs) / 350Kgs(800Lbs) / 500Kgs(1200Lbs).

Magnetic Lock Bracket(图1)

-Suitable for 180Kgs(300Lbs) / 280kgs(600Lbs) / 350Kgs(800Lbs) / 500Kgs(1200Lbs).
- Z-Type & ZL-Type Braket suitable for Inward  Wooden Door & Metal Door.
- L-Type Bracket  suitable for Frameless Narrow Door

- U-Type Bracket suitable for Frameless Glass Door
- I--Type Bracket suitable for the door frame is too thick, install the plate on the door leaf.

  • ZL-Type Bracket:
    * ZDL-ZL180: 
    Dimension: 169×39×24mm(L Type); 140×36×36mm(Z Type); Packing Size: 20.5*4.5*5cm; Weight:0.30Kg/Pc
    * ZDL-ZL280/350: 
    Dimension: 240×57×31mm(L Type); 180×52×52mm(Z Type); ; Packing Size:  26*6.5*6.3cm; Weight: 0.7Kg/Pc
    * ZDL-ZL500: 
    Dimension: 265×72×45mm(L Type); 185×70×60mm(Z Type); Packing Size: 28*7.5*8cm; Weight: 1.25Kg/Pc

  • U-Type Bracket:
    ZDL-U180:  Dimension: 14×3.3×2.6cm; Packing Size: 20.5*5*4.2cm; Weight:0.21Kg/Pc
    ZDL-U280/350:  Dimension: 18×4.3×2.8cm; Packing Size:  20.5*5*4.2cm; Weight: 0.35Kg/Pc

  • L-Type Bracket:
    ZDL-L180:  Dimension: 16.8*3.9*2.4cm; Packing Size: 20.5*5*4.2cm; Weight:0.14Kg/Pc
    ZDL-L280:  Dimension: 25*4.7*3cm; Packing Size:  27*6.5*6.3cm; Weight: 0.28Kg/Pc
    ZDL-L350:  Dimension: 24*5.6*3.1cm; Packing Size:  27*6.5*6.3cm; Weight: 0.3Kg/Pc
    ZDL-L500:  Dimension: 26.5*7.2*4.5cm; Packing Size:  28.5*8*7.5cm; Weight: 0.56Kg/Pc

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box