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Narrow type Electromagnetic lock: ZDL-280C
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Electromagnetic lock -Concealed Mount


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  • Input voltage:DC12V, or DC24(can be customized)

  • Holding Force: 180Kgs(300Lbs) / 280kgs(600Lbs)

  • Instant release, no hysteresis

  • No residual magnetism Designed

  • High Strength Material, Anodized Aluminum Housing.

  • Design without Mechanical Failure.

  • Suitable For Wooden Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Fireproof Door.

Electromagnetic lock -Concealed Mount:   180Kgs(300Lbs), or 280kgs(600Lbs), DC12V, or DC24, Narrow type without frame, Suitable for: Wooden Door,Glass Door,Metal Door,Fire Proof Door, small size door, It is equipped with easy installation and mortise mount design.

- Lock Model No.: 

* Normal type Lock Model:

ZDL-180C: 180Kgs(300Lbs) 

ZDL-280C: 280kgs(600Lbs)

* "S" series Lock Model: 4 wires With door state detection signal output function.

- ZDL-180CS: 180Kgs(300Lbs)

- ZDL-280CS: 280kgs(600Lbs)


- Input voltage:DC12V、or DC24 (can be customized)
- Holding Force: 180Kgs(300Lbs) / 280kgs(600Lbs) 
- Fail-safe type (Power to lock): Power-on to lock, Power-off to open).
- Suitable for: Wooden door , Glass door ,Metal door , Fireproof door
- Finishes for Shell: Anodized aluninum
- Finishes for Magnetic: Zinc
- Finishes for Armature: Zinc
- Concealed Mount
Electromagnetic lock -Concealed Mount(图1)

  • Installation: Concealed Mount;

  • Voltage: 12/24VDC+10%

  • Power consumption: 12V/320mA; 24V/250mA(customizable) 

  • Detect signal of door state: The limit of reed switch and dry contact is 0.5A/30VDC, don't overload(NO/COM)

  • Surface Temp: ≤+20°C

  • Operating Temp: 10~+55°C(14-131F)

  • Suitable Humidity:  0~90%

  • ZDL-180C: 
    Dimension:183×31×23mm(Body); 140×33×11mm(Magnet)
    Packing: 22.3*8*3cm, Weight: 0.95Kgs
    Dimension:258×42×27mm(Body); 183×38×12mm(Magnet)
    Packing size: 27*6.5*6.5cm, Weight: 1.7Kgs

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box