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Square Door Closer
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Door closer is installed on the top of the unilaterally opened door, 500000 tested Mechanical Life, Time delay & Buffering function, Strength & Speed Adjustable, Safe & durable. It can be used on the wooden door, steel door, fire door and places where security is strictly required.

It's widely used for residential anti-theft door, fireproof door, hotel room door, and meeting room door or other doors.

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- High quality Aluminium material, precise oil seal to prevent oil leakage
- Mechanical Life: 500000 tested
- Time delay & Buffering function
- Speed & Strength of door closing are adjustable
- Keep still function at 90 degree

- Safe & durable
- Suitable for: Wooden door, Steel door, Fire Door, Glass Door and places where security is strictly required.
- Square type or Round Type Door Closer is optional
- Designed to comply with QB/T2698-2005 National Standard.

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Loading Weight

MAX Door Width

 Small Door Closer 




 Medium Door Closer 




 Big Door Closer 




  • Buffering function: after door opens up more than 65 degree, it can generate certain resistance, to avoid door opening up too wide and too fast to hit the wall, Resistance strength is adjustable.
  • Time delay function for door closing: When door opens up to 65~180 degree, it can keep the door still, leaving space for going in and out, more comfortable.
  • Speed of door closing and strength of locking door are adjustable:  Below 90 degree the closing door speed can be between 3 seconds to more than 60 seconds.
  • Strength of Door closing is adjustable: the strength for closing door from door closer is adjustable, so as to fits doors of different size and weight.
  • Keep still function at 90 degree: after door opens up to 90 degree to 180 degree, it can keep the door as it is.
  • Installation methord: Can be vertical, parallel, and sliding rail style, users may choose door closers of stop or non-stop type.
  • Mechanical Life: 500000 tested
  • Applicantion: Wooden door, Steel door, Fire Door, Glass Door or other doors.
  • Suitable for door with specification:
    - Width: 50mm~1500mm; 
    - Height: 2000~2400mm
    - Weight: 15 ~150KG;          
    - Max  Open Angel:  Max 180 degree.
  • Packing 
    * ZDDC-201:
      Packing size: 28*9*6.5cm Weight: 1.45kg
    * ZDDC-103S:
      Packing size: 31*9*7.5cm Weight: 1.85kg
    * ZDDC-103:
      Packing size: 31*9*7.5cm Weight: 1.8kg
    * ZDDC-102:
      Packing size: 27.5*9*6.5cm Weight: 1.3kg
    * ZDDC-101:
      Packing size: 23*8*6cm Weight: 1kg
    * ZDDC-103L:
      Packing size:29.2*9*8.8; Weight: 1.6kgs
    * ZDDC-102L:
      Packing size:24.6*8*6.8; Weight: 1.1kgs
    * ZDDC-101L:
      Packing size:24.6*8*6.8; Weight: 1kg
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 Package Contents
  • Standard Exporting Packing Box




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