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PIR Detector: ZDD-289PIR
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Wired Dual Infrared & Dual Microwave Complex Intrusion Detector:  ZUDSEC ZDD-289PIR adopts Dual PIR digital interaction technology & dual microwave shaking recognition technology; with Anti-masking function; Pet-immunity technology up to 25Kgs, IP65 Water-proof design.

ZDD-289PIR PIR & MW complex intruction detector is the ideal motion detector for industrial, commercial, residence and so on. Can be able to work in the most difficult environment conditions and where high security is required while maintaining.

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- Dual PIR digital interaction technology& dual microwave shaking recognition technology
- Adopts self-developed MASK chip, with random dynamic time segmentation technology
- Digital automatic pulse adjustable, automatic temperature compensation, energy analysis
- Own self-check function: when the detector was broken or failure, it will send alarm signal automatically
- Water-proof structure design, water-proof class IP65
- Rotation design, can be used wall, pole or balk etc.
- 4 initiative IR channels, anti-masking and lens blurry, the detector will alarm.
- Super strong anti false alarm function, avoid detection dead angle.
- MW anti-collision technology enables the near detectors with noninterference
- OR mode optional, when the infrared detection is disabled, MW detection can also act on protection area
- Unique protective equipments to avoid intentional damage and interference.
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  • Detection:  Dual Infrared+ Dual MW
  • Detection distance: 12m℅12m﹜25m℅3m﹜15m℅15m
  • Pet-immunity: 20kg
  • Water-proof class: IP65
  • MW frequency: 10.525GHz
  • Working Voltage: 9VDC‵15VDC; Consumption current: 12VDC @ about 60mA
  • Installation height: 1.8m‵2.4m( wall-mounted )
  • Anti-white light: >15000LUX
  • Anti-swing(tree) swing range: less than 20∼;  frequencyㄩ0.5‵3Hz
    Anti-swing(clothings) swing range: less than 20∼; frequencyㄩ0.5‵3Hz
  • Anti-RF/EMI:  >30V/m (30MHz‵1GHz)
  • Working temperature: -10⊥‵+50⊥
  • Product dimension: 218mm℅110mm℅118mm
  • Packing box: 24.5 X 13 X 15mm; Weight: 1Kg/pc
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 Package Contents
  • Standard Exporting Packing Box




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