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Card Reader: ZDR-15
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Card Reader:  RFID type ID access control card reader, Reading Distance is about 3-15CM; Support Wiegand 26bits/ Wiegand34bits /ABA Standard Format Data Output. It's widely use for Access control, Parking lot, Campus ID, Time attendance, Hotel Management, Transportation, etc.

How to use: When the card approach the reader, The RED LED turn into green, After flashing, then turn RED color again, the buzzer sound shows transmiting data. It has 500mS proximity time distance for card proximity. After finishing card proximity, if the same ID card is still in the proximity range, reader will not transmit  the data, neither giving any sound indication, but for different ID card entering proximity area, reader will response continually and send out the data.

Note: When the distance betwwen card reader and controller is more than 50m, please use power line with at least 1.5 square cm  Dia.

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- Support UEM 4100 ID Card or compatible with it( 64bits, Manchester Code) or Mifare 1 Card (13.56 MHz Frequency)
- Built-in Antenna
Built-in LED (Double Color LED)
Built-in Loud Speaker (Buzzer)
- 100 Meters Communication Distance
Real Time Data Transfer

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  • Reading Mode: 125KHz EM-ID Card; or 13.56 MHz Mifare-ID optional 
  • Proximity Range: - 2-15cm
  • Output Format: Wiegand 26/34, RS485/232
  • Communication Distance: WG≒100M, RS485≒1200M
  • Response Speed: Less than 0.2 second; Proximity Time Distance: Less than 0.5 seconds :
  • Wiring connection:
    - Red: DC5V~16V; Black: GND; Blue: D1; White: D0; Brown: Beep; Green: LED; Yellow: Alarm
  • Working Voltage: DC12V; Working Current: 70mA
  • Color: Dark Grey Color
  • PVC Case Material (Black Resin for Water-Proof Function)
  • Temperature: -25⊥ to 75⊥; Humidity: 10%-90%
  • Packing: 10*4.6*2cm; Weight: 0.2Kg
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 Package Contents
  • Standard Exporting Packing Box




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