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Sound monitor: ZDSM-001
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Sound monitor: Using the operational amplifier for signal amplification, provides pure tone quality and powerful movement. Applies to all legal monitoring sites.

Model: ZDSM-002 contains HIFI process chip with low noise performance. Such chip can restrain noise around environment through frequency response network for several times, and provides pure tone quality and powerful movement. This product contains dedicated AGC circuit, so it's suitable for different types of Mic supervised listening environments, such as bank, prison, examination place, shopping mall, and industry factory etc.  Moreover, this product has lots of virtues, including low noise, HIFI, Wide range operation voltage, small electricity consumption, and los distance transmission. A new sensitivity to adjust the pickups, TV monitoring, security system supporting the use of the best products, and with the use of cameras to achieve synchronous video and audio. Monitoring of: 5m ~150M, Signal transmission line with a core line with the best shield.

Connect method:
1, Red line: Power "+" 
2, Black ling: Power "-"
3, Power supply: DC 6V~12V
4, 1 core shield wire: audio system input port

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- Applies to all legal monitoring sites.

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  • Operating voltage: 12VDC; Consumption current: 6mA
    Frequency range: 100-10000Hz; Frequency response: 2.5dB
    Output impedance: 600次; Output level: 0-6V
  • Size: 76mm*50mm*31 mm
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 Package Contents
  • Standard Exporting Packing Box




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