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> Alarm System Series
IR Sensors: 2 beams
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Wired Active Photoelectric Beam Detector: This is high-tech Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems to protect some area from intruder, designed for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor residential, commercial and industrial applications. To detect intrusion and triggers an alarm when an intruder disturbs the detection field. It provides ideal cost-effective solutions for medium-range applications such as perimeter protection of buildings, fences, warehouses, factories, parking lots, gardens, walls, etc, especially inner balcony to substitute metal structure. It will alarm at once and dial the pre-set alarm numbers when the emitting bundle is shut off by the object.

Working principle: Several un-visible defense bundles from the remitters forms protection network, Alarm is triggered to send the sign to the control panel when both beams are shutoff at one time. Dual-beam design provides the redundancy needed to prevent false alarms from objects (flying birds, insects, falling leaves, etc.) that may intersect one of the IR beams. The alarm output is activated only when both beams are interrupted.

Beams quantity available: 2, 3, 4, 6 beams.
* Protection distance available: 20m,30m,60m,80m,100m,150m,...300m.

 - ABT Series: 2 beams
 - ABE Series: 3 beams
 - ABH Series: 4 beams
 - ABL Series: 6 beams

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- Dormant defense and protection baluster makes the intruder found in no any sense.
- Complete defense ability:  The intruder cannot jump over or crawl to evade the infrared bundle.
- Excellent anti-interferential ability:  No false report when inspects, Dual-beam design prevents false alarms from flying birds, insects, falling leaves, etc
- Function of damage-resistance: It will send alarm signal once the power or cable are cut.
- Waterproof design: IP55, Outdoor double beam gain self-regulation, adaptable to terrible weather such as rain, fog and snow weather;  Lightning proof circuit design .
- With tamper switch, Beam response time adjustment.
- Special filter lens and circuit, anti-strong light jamming
- Optical lens﹜faster, more convenient and more exact adjustment
- High anti RFI/EMI
- Quick and easy installation.
- Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards.

Working principle:

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Warning Distance















Maximum Distance







Beam 2beams
Detection Method 2beams interrupted at the same time
Light Source Infrared LED
Sensor Speed 50 ‵ 700 msec
Alarming Output Relay Contact Output Contact Rating: ACDC30V0.5Amax
Power Supply Voltage DC10.5 ‵ 28 V
Current Sinking 40mAmax 40mAmax 40mAmax 55mAmax 65mAmax 65mAmax
Using Temperature - 25 ∼ C‵55 ∼ C
Dimension Refer to exterior diagram
Dismantle Prevention Output Contact Output DC30V0. 5 Amax.
Adjusting Angle of Optical Axis (Horizontal) 180 ∼ ㄗ㊣90 ∼ ㄘ
Adjusting Angle of Optical Axis (Vertical) 20 ∼ ㄗ㊣10 ∼ㄘ
Hairline Pointer Dismountable
Dedew and Defrost Method Ultrasonic Structure
Other Function Light Accept Indication﹜Ok Indication ﹜Testing Terminal
Material ABS Resin
Weight 900gㄗLight Acceptor +Light Projectorㄘ

  • * 2 Beams: Packing box: 9.1*17.5*23.5cm;  Carton Size: 49.5*47*20cm(10 pairs/ctn)
      Weight:  1.05kg / pair,  10.5kgs/ctn
    * 3 Beams: Packing box: 14.5*23*34; Carton Size: 62*34*25cm(4 pairs/ctn)
       Weight:  2.75kg/pair,   11kgs/ctn
    * 4 Beams: Packing box: 15*23.5*41cm;  Carton Size: 64*44*26.5cm(4 pairs/ctn)
    Weight:  2.9kg/pair, 12kgs/ctn
    * 6 Beams: Packing box: 13.5*24*47cm;  Carton Size: 71*49.5*26cm(5
    Weight:  3.4kg/pair, 18.5kgs/ctn
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 Package Contents
  • Standard Exporting Packing Box




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