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> Alarm System Series
Alarm kit: ZDAS-050
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Wireless PSTN Home Alarm System: DIY, Wireless installation, 50 wireless Zone, Easy-to-operate. Control panel offering an array of user-friendly features and ease of installation. It's an idea wireless security solutions for any type of residential applications or commercial installation. like homes, apartments, condos or townhouses. as well as all industrial security and protection system. Compatible with ADEMCO CONTACT ID.

The innovative Integrated security alarm systems from ZUDSEC are designed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of professionals.

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- 50 wireless Zones, Wireless received, high sensitivity,Providing ultimate flexibility and adaptability to a multitude of applications and requirements.
- LED on the panel to display protection zone, without help of phone to set protection, Having 24-hour monitoring zone.
- Wireless remote control: Four button, fully programmable key with arm button(Lock), disarm button(unlock), panic button, PIR arm/ disarm  independently.
- Supports partial arm/disarming of a group of zones within a partition by remote control.
- Zone type Programming: All zones could be programmed via keypad for NORMAL Defense Zone, STAY Defense zone, EMERGENCY Defense zone and CLOSED Defense zone.
- Remote operation: The users can operate the system to Arm, Dis-Arm, and Monitoring conveniently from any phone.
- Alarm calling priority: panel will cut off and send the alarming signal priority when the line is busy.
- Can store and change 6 groups of preset telephone No. and automatically and circularly dialing the tel No. when accident happen untill confirmed.
- Can store up to 10 seconds recording duration, and can be recovered.
- Anti-cutting telephone line:
- Learning code between detector and control panel, easy to add additional wireless accessories.
- Can Set ARM Delay(Exit Delay) Time,Alarm Delay(Entry Delay) Time
- UPS power or rechargeable battery built-in, both of that are automatically switched.
- High security features: Password protection when you are away to operate the system or password reset.
- Compatible with ADEMCO CONTACT ID.

Powerful Features:

  • Control panel with built-in keyboard, Full English Display Keypads (LED display indicate defense zones)
  • Record your own personal message for ten seconds
  • Up to 6 telephone numbers can be pre-stored in the unit and dialed to summon help in priority order.
  • Anti-cutting telephone line.
  • Mute siren setting. 
  • Remote command and access to the system from anywhere via a telephone/mobile
  • Back-up rechargeable battery when power is in failure
  • Compatible with ADEMCO CONTACT ID.
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  • Wireless frequency: Available in 315MHz/433MHz 
  • UPS power supply: option: Input electricity from 110 ACV ~240 AC, customized.
  • Adaptor choosing: two round pins, two flat pins,three pins customized
  • Wireless receiving distance in open place: >200m, indoor: 30~50m, (depend on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)
  • Working voltage:9 DCV, 300mA.
  • External siren: 110~120 dB
  • Two wireless remote controllers: four button: disarm/arm/panic/PIR detector
  • One wireless magnetic door sensor:12 DCV
  • One wireless infrared detector: 10m*120∼ horizontal, +60∼vertical
  • Packing box: 22*15*9.5cm Weight: 1kg / kit
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 Package Contents
  • Control panel with Touch keypad
  • Wireless Door/window sensor
  • Wireless PIR detector
  • 2 Remote controllers
  • Telephone line
  • Power adapter
  • Wired External Siren
  • User's guide

    Optional Accessories:  Wireless Smoke Detector, Wireless Gas Leakage Detector, Photoelectric Beam Sensors, Wireless shutter sensor, Wireless Emergency Button, Wireless Repeater etc.




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