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> GSM/GPRS/PSTN Dual-Net Alarm System -LCD Keypad
Products Description:
LCD Full-Message Keypad,30 Wireless Zone + 8 on-board hardwared zone, GSM/GPRS/SMS wireless on-board alarm communicator ...

- LCD Full-Message Keypad for easy programming and clear display.
- 30 Wireless Zone + 8 on-board...

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> ZDAS-16CA-30G
> GSM/PSTN Dual-Net Alarm System -LED Keypad
Products Description:
GSM wireless network plus PSTN wired telephone network,Contact ID protocol,16 Wired Zones + 16 Wireless Zones...

- 16 Wired Zone + 16 Wireless Zone with microcomputer control, keypad programming and LED display.

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> ZDAS-16CA-16G
> GSM/WiFi Smart Home Security System
Products Description:
F5 is Wifi/GSM Smart alarm system with Push notification & Home Automation function, supports WiFi, it also has a GSM mo...
- GSM wireless network + WiFi network, double net...
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> WiFi/GSM Home Alarm System
Products Description:
WIFI+GSM Double network,Support 100 wireless sensors + 10 remote control, Built-in Clock and color TFT LCD Screen,High-S...

- GSM&WiFi Dual Network
-1.8" TFT Touch Panel Keypad with Built-in Clock, RFID tags.

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