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> Electromagnetic lock -Single Door
Products Description:
Single Door Magnetic Lock: 180Kgs(300Lbs) / 280kgs(600Lbs) / 350Kgs(800Lbs) / 500Kgs(1200Lbs) optional, DC12V﹜DC24, Suit...

- Input voltageㄩDC12V﹜or DC24 (can be customized)
- Holding Force: ...

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> ZDL-280
> Electromagnetic lock - With Signal & Time
Products Description:
Electromagnetic lock with Signal & Time: With door state detection signal output: NO/NC/COM, with Adjustable delay locke...

- Holding Force: 180Kgs(300Lbs) / 280kgs(600Lbs) / 350Kgs(800Lbs) / 500Kgs(1200Lbs)
- With d...

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> ZDL-280ST
> Electromagnetic lock -Concealed Mount
Products Description:
Single door electric lock with Concealed mount is for glass door, wooden door, small size door, easy to install. Special...

- Input voltageㄩDC12V﹜or DC24 (can be customized)
- Holding Force: ...

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> ZDL-280C
> Electromagnetic lock -Double Door
Products Description:
Electromagnetic lock -Double Door: 180Kgx2(300Lbsx2) /280kgx2(600Lbsx2) /350Kgx2(800Lbsx2) /500Kgx2(1200Lbsx2) optional,...

- Input voltageㄩDC12V﹜DC24
- Holding Force: 180Kgx2(300Lbsx2) / 280kgx2(600Lbsx2) / 350...

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> ZDL-280D

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