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> Door Closer -Small, Midium and Big Size
Products Description:
Door closer is installed on the top of the unilaterally opened door. It can be used on the wooden door, steel door, fire...

- High quality Aluminium material, precise oil seal to prevent oil leakage
- Mechanical Life...

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> ZDDC-101
> Concealed Door Closer
Products Description:
Concealed Door Closer is the high quality concealed closer which can be installed on the top jamb or the inside of the d...

- Closing and latching speed can be adjusted independently.
- Precise aluminum die-cas...

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> ZDDC-801
> Infrared Sensor Exit Button
Products Description:
Infrared Sensor Exit Button: Infrared Sensor, No Touch exit Button, Stainless steel Panel with Elegant Style....

- Infrared Sensor No touch, Optical / Infrared Technology
- Durable stainless steel plate

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> ZDBT-802B
> Green Mushroom Cap Push Button Switch
Products Description:
Green Mushroom Cap Push Button Switch: Mushroom cap design,500000 times life, NO\NC\COM output contact...

- Press to exit
- Output Contact: NO\NC\COM
- Mechanical Life: 5...

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> ZDBT-701M

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