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Products Introduction
1 International famous Chipset
2 Advanced security contact coding
3 Auto cycle to call phones.
4 10 seconds record voice message
5 AC/DC battery back-up auto switch
6 Long-distance management
7 Spot monitor
8 Anti-cutting
9 Alarm receiving centre management
10 Partial disarmed
11 Keyboard built in panel
12 Protection zone LED displayed
13 Panel password protected
14 Alarm time/ Siren time program
15 Up-to-32 different zones
16 Protection zone type program
17 Panel incoming ring program
18 Home armed
19 Wired protection zone compatible
20 Universal GSM module &SMS
21 Bidirectional communication
22 CCTV synchronous surveillance

ZD-101: 1-10 ZD-99P: 1-9
ZD-201: 1-11ZD-101LD:1-11,22

Index data:
1. Wireless frequency: two option: 433MHz or 315MHz
2. An adaptor: option: Input electricity from 110 ACV ~240 AC, customized.
Adaptor choosing: two round pins, two flat pins,three pins customized
3. Wireless receiving distance in open place: >200m, indoor: 30~50m, (depend on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)
4. Standby current: < 10mA
5. Alarm volume: internal :95dB, external siren: 110~120 dB
6. One control panel with one internal siren or output siren: working voltage:+9 DCV,500mA.
7. two wireless remote controllers: four button: disarm/arm/panic/PIR detector
8. One wireless magnetic door sensor:12 DCV
9. One wireless infrared detector: 10m*120degree horizontal+60degree vertical
10. Optional sensor: wire siren, wireless smoke detector, gas leakage detector, vibration sensor, siren with strobe light, remote control, all sensors as we selling
11. Packing box: 31.5*25.8*7.5cm Carton(10sets):65*28*40cm. Standard package: one control panel, one magnetic door sensor, one PIR detector, two remote controllers, one telephone line, one adaptor, one instruction.

Customers types and Marketing target:

It is integrated with home, business store, public plaza security and so on intelligent home function. Widely used for : central/local government manufacturing/industrial; electrical/contracting/engineering; retail industry, systems integrator; banking/finance; warehousing/distribution; airport/port/terminal; hotels/catering/leisure/; insurance; transport/commercial flight; building construction; property management; prison services; military department; university/college; others.

e.g. :
government department, business building, public security,school, factory, home,secret archives protection, financial section, forbidden zone, safety cabinet,kitchen gas leakage protection,flammable fireworks protection area, old people, patient first aid ,residential housing and business housing network,auto parking lots, flat, bank, jewelry stores and so on.

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