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Warranty Policy

1. Hardware Warranty
All ZUDSEC equipment is shipped with warranty of one year warranty. During this period, ZUDSEC will do all repairs
free of charge (material and labor). The faulty parts or units have to be shipped (freight prepaid) to ZUDEN service center. ZUDSEC will pay the freight charges when the repaired parts are shipped back to the customer.
(Remarks:Products showing abuse, misuse, alteration or lightning strikes may not be repaired or replaced
under warranty)

2. Software Warranty:
Each software license comes with a one year warranty starting from the time of shipment. The warranty provides a software update for any problem resulting in the unwarranted termination or "blocked" condition of a ZUDSEC library or server. It also warrants for missing files or unreadable media on a purchased software media product. Problems must be reproducible by ZUDSEC from an adequate description, recording, or demonstration program provided by the customer. Consult the ZUDSEC software support guide on how to report problems.

3. Warranty on repaired parts
Repaired subassemblies have a warranty of three months for the same type of failure or the extent of the remaining warranty, whatever term is longer.

1.Display the RMA number prominently on the outside of the box to avoid delays to your repair.
2.In the event that a product requires repair after one year from receipt of order, ZUDSEC will assist in having items repaired by our technician or suitable repair facility if possible. Customer will be charged for all cost of repair and handling.

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